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TikTok Training Packages

Standard Masterclass

An overview on how to unlock TikTok’s potential for any brand with insights into how different approaches can lend themselves to different objectives and how to create content that gets cut-through.

TikTok Content Masterclass

A deep dive into what makes a great TikTok video, complete with interactive workshops and different prompts for different objectives.

TikTok Advertising Masterclass

How to create TikTok adverts that convert and a general overview of TikTok’s ad capabilities.

Why get TikTok training?

Reach: TikTok’s reach potential is unmatched. It is an opportunity to connect with current and potential customers.

Brand Lift: TikTok’s studies have consistently shown impressive increases in brand lift among consumers.

Un-duplicated audience: TikTok has attracted an audience that is not on other platforms allowing for unique reach.

Creativity: TikTok prospers on quirky content that typically wouldn’t work on any other platform. Brands can use this as a chance to test the most daring ideas.

Why Nonsensical for TikTok training?

Proven results: Attendees and brands who participated in our training sessions went on to generate over 2M views and over 100K engagement within 3 months by applying our lessons.

TikTok specialists: Having conducted many training sessions for companies around the globe, we have a team of in-house TikTok specialists that can conduct bespoke training for your company.

TikTok agency partner: As a UK TikTok agency partner we are quick to learn of new platform features and can share these learnings.

Content creation: We have a team of TikTok creators across the globe who can show you how to create content for TikTok that works.


Our standard TikTok training

Introduction to TikTok showing you how to use it and how it’s changed the social media landscape.

Types of videos you can create from green screens, montages, interviews & transitions.

Ways TikTok can work for your business showing you how to create content that fits your business.

Content creation with a live demonstration and practice with your creators, followed by a review by our specialists.

Working with creators & influencers giving you guidance and best practice.


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TikTok content creation masterclass

Filming and editing within TikTok showing you how to create TikToks natively.

Types of videos you can create from green screens, montages, interviews & transitions.

TikTok features how best to utilise in app features such as filters, effects, sounds, sounds, duets and stitching.

Live practice where we will give you a brief and help you create TikToks on the day with a full review after.


TikTok advertising masterclass

How to set up a TikTok ads account initial set up, pixel and audience creation.

Best practice for your TikTok ads for your business including bespoke examples relevant for your companies vertical.

TikTok analytics how to assess your TikTok ads performance and what to look for to improve it.

TikTok ad content creation showing you how to create effective TikTok ads that convert.

Integration with organic TikTok how to create a strategy that integrates with your organic TikTok strategy.


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